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Resolving issues such as Slow Response Time, Time Outs, Page Hang, System Crash, and Network Issues

Our Team of Application Performance Experts can help you and your clients:

As we all know when Software Applications are initially developed and deployed in Production Environment there is always a small volume of data and limited user load. With the passage of time, data volume and number of users increase which usually result in deterioration of application performance. To retrieve information from large volume of database could be time consuming and lead to performance bottlenecks which lead to some of the following errors:

  • Page Timeout: Process terminates after 30 seconds or so and gradually as load increase this happens more frequently.
  • Page Hang: When we request any information sometime page will hang or Internet explorer which leads to page crash/Internet explorer crash which means we need to restart with logging in the system and perform all actions again in which page was crash.
  • Slow Response Time: Some time users have to wait a minute or more to see the result which results in customer frustration and as a company you risk losing your clients.
  • Database Crash: As amount of data increases, the chances of database crash also increase if the database is not fully optimized.
  • Network Issue: Network issues which cause user requests taking longer time on the network.
We can identify all current issues being experienced by you and customers and then we can work to optimize those areas by taking following actions.
  • 1. Optimize Database: We optimize the database as part of preventive database maintenance leading to optimized database for longer periods of time.
  • 2. Customize Database Configuration: Instead of default configuration which you might have selected during initial installation, we Customize Database depending on the number of users and data load impacting overall system performance.
  • 3. Identify Bottlenecks: in the current application and suggest the changes required to resolve issues like page hangs etc.
  • 4. Optimize Applications: to improve page response time.
  • 5. Application Diagnosis: We diagnose the application to understand and evaluate how much time user requests are spending on the network which can provide us information if you are suffering due to issues with your internal network or the issue with application or database